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My New Foodie Group

Check out my new Facebook Group – Jozi Restaurants. It aims to be a premium site to discover hip and happening foodie and lifestyle spots in Gauteng. 10559790_257462971116913_5034579773967977116_n


Five. Jewelled. Dhal.

5-Jewelled-Dhal: the most luxurious and delicious soup I’ve tasted in a while.

The recipe can be found here:


SAB World of Beer  (3)

When I heard that the SAB World of Beer was voted the top tourist attraction in Jozi, I asked myself why haven’t I been there as yet. One Saturday, I decided to stop by before running some errands in Fordsburg. It was a superb choice.



The efficiency of service.

The story behind of sweetheart SAB Miller.

The lunch at the bar on the top. Decent steak, egg and chips.

Curio shop stocks good quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

On par with the Heineken experience in Amsterdam.

Enjoy responsibly. Please don’t drink and drive.

Till next time.

A roundup of a few of my cameraphone shots in and around Lusitoland on Saturday.

Fabulous time. Stunning food.

Till next time.
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My babe had to run errands at the mall so today it was dad’s turn to babysit.

After finishing the craft project with Alisha,   which came out awesome by the way,  I decided to prepare some delicious dhal ghos. Here’s a picture of our craft project.


Our Sunday Project

Dhal ghos is a special soup-like curry of succulent lamb pieces cooked with a mixture of lentils and split peas.


Prepping up

Thank goodness for out electric pressure cooker which made the entire process an absolute breeze. In no time I had the dhal ghos cooked and ready to serve.

Oh yes, Alisha made me promise to mention how helpful she was in preparing the meal. Here’s a shot of her collecting curry leaves and bay leaves from the garden.


Alisha in grandma's apron

Charm made the accompaniments –  poppadoms and sour cream mint salad. Both so good.


Dhal Ghos at Midstream

The entire meal was just glorious. The lamb in that creamy gravy just evaporated in your mouth. The poppadoms adding the delectable crunch and texture to each bite. Rounding off each mouthful was the mint salad with its delightful freshness.

Edit: Wish came true. Wifey sent over fresh waffles for dessert. Yummy.


Job. Well. Done.

Till next time.
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Where have you been all my life?


Farturas are delicious


Concession stand at Lusitoland

That’s what I said when I tucked into this decadent Portuguese style doughnut. It was my first time tasting a fartura and my mind was blown!

The kind lady at the concession stand (in Lusitoland) showed me how is made and explained that is was eaten as a dessert,  breakfast or an afternoon snack with a coffee.

I’d love to hear about other quintessential treats that I may be missing on. Please let me know.

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Just got back from the most exhilarating Saturday in a long while. After the usual meditation, I had an early start to downtown Jozi for a Ponte City and Hillbrow Walk. What an awesome experience!  This deserves a entire separate post which I’ll be doing later.


During the brisk walk,  we checked out so many fascinating aspects of Hillbrow and surrounds.


It was too early to return home so I punched in the GPS coordinates of Lusitoland and headed there. Boy, was that a brilliant decision! Again,  separate post is necessary for this fab event.


Food at the fair was incredible. Spicy and  delicious.


Ended the day in a befitting manner with a single malt at Cesco’s. If you ever nearby Centurion,  that’s another restaurant worth a visit.

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Beacon. Mallow. Whippy.

I saw these famous Beacon Mallow Whippy bars at the local supermarket today and it revived the fond memories of tucking into them when they were first launched. That was way back in the 80’s if memory serves me correctly.


A South African Classic - Whippy Bar

Still remember how the velvety coconut used to fall all over and I used to do my best to catch them all.

Heard that these are quite sought after chocolate bars by expats. Can anyone confirm this?

Definitely,  one of my favourite uniquely South African treats.

Till next time.
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My girls went out of their way to spoil Dad on Worker’s Day. Lunch consisted of a sumptuous array of eats that were a delight for the palate.

Main course was a mouth watering chicken breyani served with the a delicious mix of tomato sambals, French carrot salad,  podina (peanut) chutney and mango pickle.








It was simply delicious. I could not thank my darling wife and daughter enough.

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This is really a hidden gem in Pretoria. I  learnt of it by chance when browsing around Facebook and decided to visit the market one Saturday.

All I can say is – unbelievable. It truly is foodie heaven. The number of delights on offer is enormous. From the lamb shuwama,  roosterkoek, jaffles, dim sum to  korean food. My goodness, just make sure you go there hungry.

The vibe is on the chilled side, and thus is a good place for a family outing.

I loved it !!

Getting there:

My GPS navigator took me there quite easily. Hazel Food Market is situated in Greenlyn Village Centre in Menlo Park, open every Saturday from 08h00 to 14h00.

GPS Coordinates: 25°46”08.41”S 28°15”21.87”E

Just be prepared to be patient for parking. It can be chaotic at times.

Insider Tip:

Remember to walk around the back. There is a lady selling absolutely gorgeous pieces of  silver jewelry at good prices.



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