My babe had to run errands at the mall so today it was dad’s turn to babysit.

After finishing the craft project with Alisha,   which came out awesome by the way,  I decided to prepare some delicious dhal ghos. Here’s a picture of our craft project.


Our Sunday Project

Dhal ghos is a special soup-like curry of succulent lamb pieces cooked with a mixture of lentils and split peas.


Prepping up

Thank goodness for out electric pressure cooker which made the entire process an absolute breeze. In no time I had the dhal ghos cooked and ready to serve.

Oh yes, Alisha made me promise to mention how helpful she was in preparing the meal. Here’s a shot of her collecting curry leaves and bay leaves from the garden.


Alisha in grandma's apron

Charm made the accompaniments –  poppadoms and sour cream mint salad. Both so good.


Dhal Ghos at Midstream

The entire meal was just glorious. The lamb in that creamy gravy just evaporated in your mouth. The poppadoms adding the delectable crunch and texture to each bite. Rounding off each mouthful was the mint salad with its delightful freshness.

Edit: Wish came true. Wifey sent over fresh waffles for dessert. Yummy.


Job. Well. Done.

Till next time.
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