As many will know,  I have been singing praises for the Google Keep app. It really is prefect for my needs. A light note taker for when I have those moments of brilliance and just need to jot things down. The colour coding is a neat feature too.


Screenshot of Keep Screen

Lately I’m finding good use for Keep during briefings that I attend. Quickly jotting down key points without losing eye contact with the presenter.

I just hope that our friends at Google come up with an interface that allows for sketching. Something similar to Papyrus. That would round off the app tremendously.

Just heard that the desktop version for Chrome is also out. Will make a note to download it tomorrow.


Example of Papyrus Sketch

So, if you own an Android based mobile,  why not give Keep a test drive. You too may be pleasantly surprised.

Click here for Keep on Google Play

Till next time.
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